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Even so, when you analyze the two companies' margins on a comparable basis by excluding pass-throughs, ADP's adjusted EBIT margin is actually 200 basis points higher than CDK's. Penney and other companies, we believe there is very real risk to your investment in having him on the ADP Board. Ackman's fund is incentivized to take on risk to generate the highest possible return for Pershing Square in the shortest period of time. Ackman nor his other director nominees have experience that aligns with its complexity. Throughout this proxy contest, we have tried to be dispassionate and address Pershing Square's criticisms on the merits.Margin comparisons made between ADP and its smaller HCM software competitors don't reflect the differences in geographic mix, scale and the broader variety of solutions that ADP provides to its clients. Pershing Square has an aggressive incentive structure, even by hedge fund standards, taking 30% of returns in excess of 5%. We are pleased that Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) recognized the quality of the company's execution and the board's stewardship by recommending shareholders vote on the WHITE proxy card to re-elect all but one of the Company's directors rather than any of Mr. We believe ISS erred in not also recommending support for director Eric Fast. Fast is a valuable member of our Board who epitomizes ADP's core value of "Integrity is Everything." His deep financial, transactional, risk management and accounting experience are extremely important skills for the Board, and his leadership as Chair of the Board's Audit Committee and member of the Compensation Committee contributes the expertise and tenured perspective necessary to support ADP's financial performance and strategic execution. However, we cannot ignore the risks embedded in an aggressive cost cutting and restructuring strategy.We are partners to create and mold the next generation, as we remember the ones before.

We have transformed our products, operations and distribution within our Small Business Services (SBS), which achieved an 8.3% revenue CAGR and doubled margins from FY 2011 to FY 2017.

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