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I just never got why most European girls were so damn insane about Japanese culture though.

I'm thinking if this is the case, why aren't Japanese men or Korean Guys taking a shot at them?

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Foreign ladies looking for someone to teach them a different language, though a lot of the times you see comments posted on their profiles on sites like Interpals, and you can see that a lot of guys are cat calling, trying to take a chance at getting with the girl and they are clearly aware that their being flirted with so chances are they'll deny and reject any guy that comes on to them no matter how good he look.A woman can wear whatever she wants and still have a decent personality or attitude about herself.Then you can end up with someone who looks really nice and kind that turns out to be mean, rude, and flat out nasty if you say anything to her at all.You've got guys from all those countries I mentioned including countries I did not mention that are girl chasing like crazy.And though I was never sure if anyone that used this site was simply interested in dating Foreign Women for a long-term experience or just Short-Term One Nighters and that was it.