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Some offenders will test a child’s personal safety awareness to determine the risk that the child will tell an adult.Offenders are less likely to victimize a child if they think the child will tell.It is much more beneficial to children to help them build the confidence and self-esteem they need to stay as safe as possible in any potentially dangerous situation they encounter rather than teaching them to be “on the lookout” for a particular type of person.

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View the 7 Safety Root Strategies on the Kids in the Know Web site for more information.

Report incidents to law enforcement, as you would any suspicious activity, if you feel it threatens you or your family’s safety.

Document any information that is involved with the suspected abuse.

The offender may assume a caring role, befriend the child, or even exploit their position of trust and authority to groom the child and/or the child’s family.

These individuals intentionally build relationships with the adults around a child or seek out a child who may have fewer adults in her/his life.