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The cave was first recorded by the explorer and geographer P. For another work of Stone Age art from the Russian interior, see the Shigir Idol (7,500 BCE), the oldest surviving wood carving.

For another important site of cave painting from Eastern Europe, see: Coliboaia Cave Art (30,000 BCE).

Perkins has quite a dark history of anti-LGBT activism.

Jahrelang leitete das Atomkraftwerk Majak im Süden Russlands seine Abfälle in das Fluss- und Seesystem der Umgebung.

A good example of this is the "Ilyine Horse" on the north wall of the Hall of Paintings.

Alas, nearly all these bas-reliefs are in a badly preserved state, since clay does not stick very well to the limestone walls.

However, visitors are only permitted to visit the first chamber, where they can view murals recreated by conservationists from the Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, not unlike the recreation of the Lascaux Cave paintings at Lascaux II.

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The Upper Paleolithic period in North-Central Eurasia existed throughout the last Ice Age until about 10,000 BCE, although the time profile for archeological sites in the region is generally younger than for sites in European Russia.

Last year, Perkins had as a guest on his radio show Christian “prophet” Jonathan Cahn, who claimed that Hurricane Joaquin was a sign of God’s wrath for the legalization of gay marriage.

Perkins agreed, saying that while “those on the left like to mock these things,” many throughout history know “God is trying to send us a message” through natural disasters.

Calling into his own radio show, Perkins described the flood as being of “biblical proportions,” adding that he and his family will have to live in a camper for 6 months until the damage is repaired.

But Perkins was careful to point out that this particular flood wasn’t because of the gays, but rather an “incredible, encouraging spiritual exercise to take you to the next level in your walk with an almighty and gracious God who does all things well.” The floods in Louisiana have so far killed 11 people and destroyed over 40,000 homes.