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It all began on Monday when Wingstop wrote some lines based on the words from Migos’ song Bad and Boujee.'Gamestop, Wingstop. Things just escalated from there, with Wendy's busting out a slick verse in reply, not only using its famous slogan, but also dropping in a mention of the chain's popular frozen ice cream dessert. You talk a good game but it’s all chatter.'After the dust had settled, Twitter users seemed to agree with the legendary burger chain, with one writing: 'Drake boutta get Wendy’s as his next ghostwriter.' Another user asked: 'Are you gonna send them a frosty for that burn @Wendys?Twitter is like a drug: addictive, poorly regulated, responsible for dazzling highs and rock-bottom lows.But right now, at this moment, let's forget all the trolls, mansplainers, Nazis and sitting U. presidents who make the platform a living hell on a daily basis. Understand that this is in no way a ranking; I love all my children equally. They eat us now and save you for later.'Things only became more vicious, with Wendy's calling Wingstop 'a laughless clown, or a king that's throneless' before suggesting it serves up its wings 'uuuuhhhhhhh boneless.'More shade was thrown as Wingstop suggested choosing burgers over wings was 'weak' and Wendy's claimed to be 'serving up bars on a warm toasted bun.'In the end, Wendy's finished its offering with the line: 'We know why the chicken crossed the road.So, I set about pouring my love and grief into this purposeful life project, and at the stroke of midnight on January 1, 2000, I launched Soulful in memory of my father and in honor of our new millennium.The seemingly endless stock skeleton art and nerdy white-collar warriorhood of @dasharez0ne make it one of the most consistently confounding and hilarious novelty feeds, and this Dyson takedown is its crown jewel.Arizona Department of Education Az MERIT Resources Employee Self Service Portal Google Human Resources IEP Pro i Lit Projector i Lit Tab Lit Infinite Campus Library - Follett Destiny Mc Graw-Hill Connect ED Mindset Works My Learning Plan Oddysseyware School City - Staff Log In Success for All Foundation Tech Work Order Form Time Clock System Logon Accelerated Reader Aleks (All Grades) Az MERIT Resources BHS/IOHS Waggle BMS Waggle Calendar Handbook - Baboquivari High School Handbook - Baboquivari Middle School Handbook - Indian Oasis Elementary School Primary Handbook - Indian Oasis High School Handbook - Indian Oasis Intermediate School Handbook - Indian Oasis Middle School Homeless Education for Youth i Lit IOES Waggle Library - Follett Destiny Mc Graw-Hill Connect ED Mc Kinney Vento Act -Youth Mindset Works Oddysseyware Parent Portal Regional College Access Center School City - Student Log In School Menus Student Web Resources Success for All Teen Dating Violence Information Tohono O’odham Community College Az MERIT Resources Calendar Child Find e-Tips for Parents FERPA Notice Follett Destiny Handbook - Baboquivari High School Handbook - Baboquivari Middle School Handbook - Indian Oasis Elementary School Primary Handbook - Indian Oasis High School Handbook - Indian Oasis Intermediate School Handbook - Indian Oasis Middle School Helpful Links for Parents Immunizations IOHS Parent Survey IOMS Parent Survey Mc Kinney Vento Act - Parents Parent Portal Parents' Right to Know Letter School Menus Tax Credit Program Teen Dating Violence Information Title 1 Compact Tohono O’odham Nation Transportation BHS Parent Survey BMS Parent Survey IOES Primary and Intermediate Parent Survey In May 2017, Montgomery Johnson was driving a full school bus down Topowa Road when he noticed a large amount of oil coming from the back of bus, which quickly started to smoke.

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