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Fear is lit in different ways and in different strength. While one person is afraid of terrorists and illegitimate refugees, another person is more afraid of right wing extremism and violence from hateful people. ———————————————————————————————————- Who are we writing for? Partly ourselves, because we are in constant need of confirmation that the bond between us is still there. Jeg vil vite at når livet vever på sin vev, har jeg anstrengt meg for at vevnaden er satt sammen av kjærlighet og positivitet, at jeg har vært med på å løfte andre, at jeg har elsket meg selv og gitt meg selv det Guds skaperverk fortjener. The soul honours Spiritual thinking and Spiritualist theory.

Your soul knows that there is a place called home, a place to long for, a certainty that the ever-loving dimension will welcome you back when your time has come. We are created by The Creator, and as human beings, we all share the same power. See your own beauty created by the Creator as the loving, powerful spirit that you are. If you have a question, a situation when you don’t know what to choose; try thinking with your heart. Feel your heart centre, and let your heart’s intelligence answer your question.——————————————————————————————————— 25.5.2016 Who are we to judge? A popular proverb which is said to come from American Indians says: ”Help me not to judge another until I have walked a mile in his moccasins.” It goes without saying, that I shouldn’t judge another person’s actions or statements as good or bad. We should start by thinking that everything is said and done from a good heart. In that dimension they may float back and forth on our time scale. Your body started as a seed, the miracle happened, you were born as a perfect human being. But all this power and loving energy inside us needs to be used, it needs to be spread out to our outsides.Your soul started borrowing your body from that moment. The eternal light in you is an extremely strong power. Because all this power and loving energy won’t help anybody if you keep it inside.