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Dr Joanna Ellison is Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Geography and Spatial Sciences at the School of Land and Food in the Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology.Her research is in catchment and coastal biogeomorphology, as applied to management questions.This technique has been demonstrated from research projects in Tonga, Bermuda, Samoa, West Papua, Cameroon and Fiji.The Cameroon and Fijian studies demonstrate how such information can directly help future climate change adaptation. a coastal biogeomorphologist, Joanna has helped agencies with questions related coastal management.Currently in its phase 3, this project will continue to research effective research based adaptation approaches to coastal management.Harnessing the adaptive forces of nature may be one of our most widely applicable, economically viable and effective tools to combat the impacts of climate change.This project will implement the first Pacific Islands field trial of improved beach resilience, to provide climate change adaption options, in conjunction with the Kiribati Government and local communities.

Pacific island beaches are surprising little studied, and are an increasingly threatened resource with sea level rise and coastal erosion.Tonga-Australia Environmental Planning and Management Strengthening Project (TEMPP).', Hassall and Associates in association with AMSAT., Australia, Working Paper, No. (1999) [Report of Restricted Access]Ellison JC, 'Holocene stratigraphic records of vegetation change and sedimentation from the Ajkwa river estuary mangroves, Irian Jaya', P. Freeport Indonesia Company, Indonesia, Final Report, 1 (1999) [Report of Restricted Access]Puradyatmika P, Kasmin O, Operawiri D, Tekege D, Hamadi S, et al., 'Laju Sediment Aso Tailing Pada Lantai Hutan Mangrove Di Muara Sungai Ajkwa Dalam Tahun 1998-1999', Department Lingkungun Hidup, Indonesia (1999) [Report of Restricted Access]Sense-T: Adaptive Water Resource Management (Environmental research element).About to start it's phase 2, this project will continue to refine technologies Joanna and her team have developed in ways to apply sensor technologies for enabling improved water management in Tasmanian irrigation catchments.Accreting beaches are critical in protecting coastal communities from high energy wave and tide events.Joanna’s coastal ecosystem-based adaptation project has developed a community guide to beach condition assessment and decision making on which rehabilitation options will improve condition, This beach condition assessment along with mangrove condition assessment that Joanna developed in the SPREP Mangove Monitoring Manual (2012) were confirmed as effective by spatial analysis of long term trends in coastal movement.