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Unlike sites such as Ok Cupid or Plentyof Fish, Catholic Match members can enjoy community and friendship instead of just waiting for that perfect profile to pop up.

When we talk about value, we are taking into account what you pay and what you get back in return, and Catholic Match has one of the highest values of any religious-based dating site.

A core principle for Catholic Match is to educate members to focus on dating with the purpose of marriage and to pursue their vocation.

In this, Catholic Match stands apart from the other dating sites that are more focused on guiding members towards casual dating or “hook-ups” which seems to be particularly prevalent on the free sites like Plentyof Fish.

Be assured, that every detail on the Catholic Match site is consistent with being Catholic.

While dating should be fun, it should also orient people towards marriage.When it comes to dating, quality is always better than quantity. Sites like e Harmony and may have larger member bases and more singles events, but both our members and events adhere to Catholic faith and values. Catholic Match’s tech team is constantly developing new ways to highlight and remove potential threats from people who are just not representing Catholic values to actual internet scammers.Where the differences really come into play is within the community itself.Online dating is a tool to provide you with the opportunity to meet people that you would otherwise not meet. If you are interested in dating for marriage, and you see marriage as a vocation, then the dating site that you choose should match that in principle.Even if mainstream dating sites provide a niche platform for religious-based dating, the main corporation behind the site may also dabble in practices that could be contrary to the teachings of the Church.