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Thyroid cancer has shown the fastest increase in incidence over the past decade in the UK in males (74%) and females (75%), followed by liver cancer (60% in males and 47% in females), within the current 20 most common UK cancers.In males, melanoma skin cancer, small intestine cancer, and kidney cancer have shown the next-fastest increases in incidence.Data in this chart do not sum to the all cancers combined total provided elsewhere, because 'Brain, other CNS (central nervous system) and intracranial' includes tumours that are malignant, benign and of uncertain or unknown behaviour but only the malignant tumours are included in 'all cancers combined' total.Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in UK males, accounting for around a quarter (26%) of male cases (2014).[1-4] The next most common cancers in UK males are lung cancer (14%) and bowel cancer (13%).The Three Most Common Cancers in Males, Percentages of All Cancer Cases Excluding Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer (C00-C97 excl.

ICD-10 codes all cancers combined C00-C97 excluding C44, plus D32-D33, D35.2-D35.4, D42-D43, D44.3-D44.5; anal C21; bladder C67; bone sarcoma C40-C41; bowel C18-C20; brain C70-C72, C75.1-C75.3, D32-D33, D35.2-D35.4, D42-D43, D44.3-D44.5; breast C50; cervical C53; Hodgkin lymphoma C81; kidney C64-C66, C68; laryngeal C32; leukaemia C91-C95; liver C22; lung C33-C34; malignant melanoma C43; mesothelioma C45; myeloma C90; non-Hodgkin lymphoma C82-C85; oesophageal C15; oral C00-C06, C09-C10, C12-C14; ovarian C56-C57.4; pancreatic C25; prostate C61; stomach C16; testicular C62; thyroid C73; uterine C54-C55.Among cancer types with falling rates, the size of the overall decrease between 20 ranges from 2% (non-Hodgkin lymphoma) to 53% (mesothelioma).Selected Cancers, Number of New Cases and European Age-Standardised Incidence Rates, Males, UK, 1979, 20 Thyroid cancer has the fastest-increasing projected incidence rates in both males and females, rising by more than 2% per year on average between 20.It is not possible to assess the statistical significance of changes between 2014 (observed) and 2035 (projected) figures.Confidence intervals are not calculated for the projected figures.

Plymouth sex chat uk online chat