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He even has his own office now as a means of injecting a degree of discipline into his working regime.“I spend a lot of time achieving nothing; days go by sometimes.I do rent an office and go there, though not every day: that would be a lie. But I have to be at my office just in case something comes along. If you don’t sit at the river bank with a fishing rod, a line, a hook and a worm on it, you’re never going to catch any fish.If I do this for a whole day, then something will slot into place.

It’s a pinprick to any kind of heaviness, and ultimately I see that as my job.Find out how swiping right lead her into his arms and to the altar.With Tinder now reporting that 80% of their members...“It’s my major regret in life, though not for the qualification I would have gained.People I know who went to university have a working method where they sit down and get something done; they know how to start and get on with things. I have one method and that’s blind panic so I’ll sit down in my kitchen and suddenly get on with it.”.