Park yoochun dating

Some people try to ruin your career life by spreading scandals since they couldn't bear your success and talent. I really cannot believe that Yoochun, out of ALLL people, would be the person to resort to such violence. But in some cases like this, I just can't believe those lame ass stories. And they should stick with one story and not change it every now and then. i like all your dramas starting to sungkyunkwan scandal up to the girl who can see smells. Given all the drama and movies always obtain high ratings and awards. But after finishing the drama, I've gotta admit that he truly deserved it. Somehow, throughout your various performances, I gather that some of the real you is bared openly perhaps in the way you react in a scene or in the way you express yourself most beautifully through your penetrating gaze - whatever it is I see, I wish to see more of it as a fan. I Love Lee Kak, he is so romantic, care, handsome, cute, He is everything.

But it s because of you as a strong person named Pak Yoochun. Well, I wish him all the best nonetheless and hope things blow over soon. I don't believe in groundless accusations, like everyone else who's jumping on the media bandwagon. And his current drama is so addictive, his best drama so far. Anyone female cast, I believe that Yoochun could certainly create works best. Im wondering why they find Soo hyun a handsome, i dont see it in any angle of him.. Prior to watching rooftop prince I wondered why Micky Yoochun won so many awards for this drama. sarangae oppa , I love all your drama like I MISS U, ROOF TOP PRINCE, SCANDAL, I wish u all the best keep it up, your the best of all, watching you make me smile and cry for same time,and reliev me when am sad Yoochun! Although I'd love for you to overcome your perfection and be a solo artist, it warms my heart even more to watch you come alive onscreen. Then when i first time watched Rooftop Prince at the 1st episode i knew that i really love this movie.

I try not to pay attention to them, but I can't do it anymore,' " the friend shared.

Ha Na later debunked the rumors and stated that she never planned to break up with "The Girl Who Sees Smells" star.

I am so happy that you've seen this all the way through; having seen those first awful photos, you so angry and disgusted--it was obvious--I knew then that you wouldn't just 'take this.' Please look forward to new projects, please continue to write and sing.. Continue your humble ways and spectacular acting skills. : D I got to see your performance in "Rooftop Prince" and was very pleased with the show and how well you portrayed your character. he's such an amazing person, he used his talent to make people happy! story of his life and hard work, getting me proud and salute him... his first debut to acting is from a japanese movie.

And i've been waiting for your comeback drama series too.. I have missed you on screen, missed you everywhere.... The road now is harder than before, but don't give up. I'm addicted to all of your dramas and i like all of them. I wish you the BEST in your career and hope to see more drama with you in them. after watching rooftop prince (and watch it over and over again..) I like him alot! Such a talented guy -- two careers at once: dramas & JYJ pop group and only 26! Keep up the good work -- I'll be following your career from the State of Alabama in the USA...

"Miss Hwang said, 'There are too many groundless rumors about me.First, couple Lee Da Hae – Park Yoochun of ‘Miss Ripley’ had romance rumors from the early stage of filming.According to a broadcast staff, just like Park Yoochun had a crush on Lee Da Hae first in the drama, in fact the relationship between them two was not normal. Throughout the drama, such stories came into widespread, ‘It seems that they’re dating for real’, ‘Lee Da Hae side found out about their relationship and they intentionally tend to behave more harshly and prudishly (toward Park Yoochun)’. Keep positive don't mind those negativity leave them all behind and regain the "LIFE" that you love. Thank you sbs for recifnising Yoochun for his excellent potrayal of choi mu gak . I love watching k dramas and I regret not watching Park Yoo Chun's dramas sooner, i adore you oppa i fell inlove! I first watched him in the girl who can see smell but I 'am much more hooked with rooftop prince, watched the ending thrice already hehehe, his acting as a lover and the relationship in both dramas I mentioned seemed natural, expressive with no inhibitions, more mature. I hope to talk to you sometime.....................Yoo Chun ssi, can you please come to Malaysia? from then on, i watched every episode & even bought a dvd copy of the rooftop prince & watched it for 16 straight (sleepless)hours. love him since in TVXQ era, with cute face and husky voice, adam apple and collarbone, dimple. love all your drama, and Iam waiting for new JYJ album tooooo.... Keep safe, Keep in mind that you are loved by your loyal fans and we are patiently waiting for you to stand again on stage to perform and in a drama series. I went to Mickiss to hand over my humble gifts for you. I also went to Gangnam District Office but I know you weren't around that time because of your scheduled hearing. I have always believed in your talent and your strength. When you finish your public service, please continue to give us good music, good dramas and movies. And that was in his absentia due to military service, Daebak ! I was so happy to see ur standee at KFV.was d best part of my visit to ur beautiful country..i will definitely be back.u and miss u.. :) I hope to see you someday, I already saw Yonghwa my love in person. I am not from America, I am from Liberia, West Africa but I live in Columbus , OH in the US........... I seen 2 of your movie-Rooftop prince and Missing you. and it caught my attention & got intrigued, as i'm not that a fan of teleseries...