Ocs 2016 address book not updating

The address book files are generated by default each day at AM.When the process starts, it uses the to translate telephone numbers to E.164 format.Refer to the documentation for a description of the built-in generic normalization rules.Use the ABServer -dump Rules command to see all the rules that Address Book Server is currently configured with.On a Windows 7 or higher machine these files will be located in the folder: Lync 2010: %userprofile%App Data Local Microsoft [email protected] Lync 2013: %userprofile%App Data Local Microsoft [email protected] Skype for Business 2016: %userprofile%App Data Local Microsoft [email protected] Now that you know how the process works, here are some issues regarding the Lync Address Book. Everything is working, the user can log in, but when you search for this user on your Lync client no name is returned.The most common reason for this behaviour is based on an issue with step 1.To simplify the explanation of how the address book ends up at the users side, I created the following flowchart of this process.table, make sure you run Update-CSAddress Book to regenerate the address book.

The cache file is updated when the user logs into Lync or after 24 hours when the cache is valid.

Make sure you have a good reason to make the address book available locally, as the preferred method would be to set the addressbookavailability to Web Search Only.

If you have set the availability to download, when a client starts it will connect to the internal or external Address Book Server URL: commands to check errors regarding the configuration.

A: Lync clients will randomly download the address book update; however, you can force the update by using the following process: 1.

Set the Lync client initial delay for address book download to 0: Start the registry editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Communicator, and create a new DWORD value named Gal Download Initial Delay, then set the data to 0 and click OK. Close the Lync client if it’s running and delete the Gal and Gal idx files, which you will find in your profile (e.g., C:\Users\john117\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Communicator\[email protected] folder). Start the Lync client, and the address book should download.

Ocs 2016 address book not updating