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Already up 3-0 and in control, Marta - who scored the opener seven minutes into the match - demonstrated masterful control of the ball, cleverly flicking it over Tina Ellerston on the half-turn before beating Briana Scurry to put the icing on the cake of a 4-0 victory.

Now, with Wambach's header voted as the greatest goal in the history of the Women's World Cup on the eve of the start of Canada 2015, the only question that remains is: will someone score a sensational goal that could take the title from the USA No20?

I understand the sentiment – it's supposed to be meant as a compliment. Instead, Wambach shoots off about the inherent sexism in FIFA, soccer's governing body, and the long-term structural reverberations of the upcoming World Cup. To win the tournament and parlay that victory into a more expansive women's league with more corporate sponsorship and a larger audience.

Wambach's header, set up by a pinpoint cross from Megan Rapinoe on the left flank, might not have been the most technically difficult or impressive finish among the 15 candidates, but the way in which she scored - with only a few seconds remaining in the match at most - and the emotion behind the moment clearly resonated with the voters.

You want to listen to Abby Wambach, not just because she's an audacious bomb of vitality, not just because she's a member of the United States Women's National Team and not just because she's more likely to punctuate a sentence with a diving header than a period.

No, you want to listen to Abby Wambach because she's the best soccer forward in the world.

Finishing behind Wambach's winning effort were Sawa's clever flick against USA in the 2011 Final and Brazilian Marta's fancy footwork at China 2007 - coincidentally also against the Americans - which took second and third place in the voting respectively.

Sawa's equaliser came in the 117th minute of the Final, which served a similar fate to the Americans in the Final that Wambach's goal did to Brazil as the ran out 3-1 winners on penalties to earn their maiden Women's World Cup.