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Her 41-year-old's Nineties heyday may be long gone, but Helena has kept busy with modelling and running a Manhattan antique shop.She is also a full time mother to her ten-year-old son Mingus.

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So you'd think repeating that formula (Helena beach - bikini top) would equal success, right? Elle Spain attempted to recreate the magic, casting the 44-year-old stunner for its latest cover.

I got to ask her a few questions, and, as someone who watched the "Wicked Game" video on repeat, I Lipstick: First, be honest: Were you as covered in sand in the "Wicked Game" video as it looked and how long did it take you to get it all unstuck from your body? Lipstick: What was the first time you can remember ever connecting to a fragrance?

HC: To be completely honest, and this might ruin the romantic notion of the video, but my legs were bleeding from the knees and down, because I was running on black lava and it was cutting into my skin. HC: Being in my grandparents' summer cottage smelling the pine trees.

Plus, who are we to criticize the woman who laughs off the idea of being "bikini-ready"?

Check out the covers in question below -- and scroll down to watch Helena's "Wicked Game" video as a consolation prize.

Helena christensen chris isaak dating