Dr travis stork who is he dating

Though he was able to put his hatred aside in order to save Marshall's life after he'd been shot, he found himself in legal trouble when he almost killed Marshall by nicking his artery.Though Marshall dropped the lawsuit, Jessica's closeness to him continued to irritate Ben.Zoe was being abused by her boyfriend, and Ben fell for her as he tried to save her.Though Zoe had feelings for him, she left town with her boyfriend a few months later.Grabbed "skinhead" Jake Tanner's knife and held it to his throat [Oct 21, 1997] Grabbed Tanner's throat at the Oakdale P. station [Nov 5, 1997] Falsely accused of tampering with Lew Mc Cloud's potassium IV (it actually was Teague) [Nov 16, 1997] Broke into Erroll Teague's apartment [Jan 29, 1998] Shot and killed Errol "Joe" Teague [Feb 6, 1998] Took a sledgehammer to the Milltown church.

He encouraged her to work toward becoming a doctor, and after a few months of casually dating Jessica Griffin, he soon fell in love with Camille and began seeing her.

At the same time, Ben became close to Curtis, a teenager from a broken home who Isaac was looking after.

In time, Ben and Curtis grew close and Ben sought custody of the boy and with the help of his lawyer, Lien Hughes, he won.

Ben and Isaac didn't get along for years, since Isaac was a product of one of Bens fathers affairs and because Isaac had underworld ties. When Marshall told Ben about his and Jess's affair, a hurt Ben severed his ties to Jessica and refused to forgive her.

However, as Isaac became more legitimate and proved himself, Ben accepted him as a member of the family. Though the pair soon reconciled, Ben still couldn't get over his hatred of Marshall.