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Third, it’s about sex—something a lot of people are understandably uncomfortable talking about in public.The ladies at The brought the subject up in a recent survey asking ten different men why so many smart men date “dumb girls.” I was one of the respondents.

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Now before you decide that you hate me, I’d like you to consider two things: First, does that description remind you of any of the men you’ve dated in the past? On the other you get a narcissistic, difficult, self-obsessed, coldly logical man who is much more concerned with ideas than feelings, and much more concerned with himself than with you. Increasingly, our society makes it difficult to even earn a decent living if your skills and experiences aren’t especially brainy.Intelligent people have a “call option” on their relationships.Yet if the very thing you’re attracted to never leads to the relationship of your dreams, don’t you think it may be wise to make some adjustments? You’d make adjustments if you didn’t feel good about your body on January 1st. You’d make adjustments if you were only looking for jobs on and it never got you a job. Should it be any news that it’s the one arena in which you struggle the most? I know a little bit about a lot and can pretty much hold my own in any cocktail party conversation.