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Don’t expect her to give you any clues or hints as to how it’s doing. But if she’s not talking to you – Even today, a typical Korean woman lives with her family until her thirties.She doesn’t get the chance to develop a mind of her own.So I was just wanting some insight on a relationship that I have found myself in.I’m a 22y/o Canadian Female, and He is a 29 y/o Native S. We met through volunteering at our church, and hit it off pretty quickly.Fast forward a month (to Apr 28th about) and I told him that we needed to talk about where this was going. We talked a long time, he said he worried a lot about losing our friendship if we broke up and really wanting to be careful because I am important to him. The MAIN thing that came out of this is that He said “In Korean culture, one party falls in love, and then you become boyfriend and girlfriend” and he was SHOCKED when I told him that here, often we will date as b/f g/f for a year even and then say I love you.He wants to pursue the friendship and wait on “A change of heart” but I don’t know how to pursue something that seems to be lacking commitment? He asked for time to think, now that he knows how I feel and we didn’t contact each other for almost 1.5 weeks after the conversation.I thought that the relationship premises between a Korean and a Western woman were the same.They’re not and you’ll soon discover the differences to put your relationship at ease.

Maybe she’ll take you along but in her mind, fortune tellers have valuable information about her future and relationships.We did hang out in a group the other night, and it was nice, he texted me after wishing me well to work.I really care for this guy, and I don’t want to have our friendship fall in to awkward-ville, but I also don’t want to find out I’ve been “friend-zoned” haha When guy (or girl), whether he is a Korean guy or not, talks about being afraid of losing the friendship, in most cases it is a sign that “friend-zoning” has already happened.Her family is very much the decision-maker of her life.When it comes to getting relationship problem advice she would rather get it from her family than from experienced dating counselors.