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("Not my idea of fun.") Maybe, she says, she could have done with a bit of professional advice at that part beyond what her mum could give her. I did some really dodgy bottom-feeding films and then I started doing theatre and started finding my feet and feeling a bit more confident in myself." There have been periods since Tipping the Velvet where she hasn't worked. "This morning I've been to my ballet class and seen my birds that I do ballet with. "I like my thirties and I'm really looking forward to my forties.

For a time she even got a job behind a bar pulling pints. Well, actually right now she's on a break until after Christmas. I think one of my many weaknesses is wanting to please people, wanting to be liked and I think it's quite an infantile mentality.

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Not even Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney's fabulously filthy sitcom Catastrophe can quite match it. "If the sensibility of it appeals to something in somebody's character then I'm going to like them because it's so gentle and un-mean and un-malicious.Who knows how to define masculine or feminine any more? There must be a place for us to exist and our differences to exist without one taking away from the other." These days she's seeing Guy Garvey. "I'd been backstage in a theatre but I didn't really know what Mum did.But when going out on a date I think there are certain old-fashioned manners that I still enjoy. That bloke who sings with the band Elbow if you didn't know. I knew what she was and I knew people would look at her funny.We may then apply our discretion under the user terms to amend or delete comments.Founders4Schools, a charity that aims to boost youngsters’ employability by connecting them with business leaders, named Stirling Council chief executive Stewart Carruth as its “ambassador of the year” for his work in encouraging more figures from the world of business to sign up to the network.

Dating in stirling scotland