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The Web site features photos and short bios of incarcerated women across the United States, who apply to appear on the site.

The service is free of charge for the convicts, who send in photographs, sketches (not unlike wanted ads in the post office), and vital statistics such as measurements, age, sexual interests, and release dates.

In short, there's a little something for everybody.

Kissing Between the Bars Operating the business from his home in Palm Springs, California, Kleine says the past five months have brought both growing profit and pleasure.

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Kleine says he is adding new states each month and expects to go international by early next year.

They own up to their crimes."Wally has a hard time putting his finger on just why he is interested in corresponding with convicted criminals – in his case women doing time for drug possession, prostitution, shoplifting, and involuntary manslaughter."I guess I like the way they lay their cards on the table," he says.

"They are really open about themselves and who they are."Caveat Suitor One middle-aged Florida inmate who appears on Jailbabes, advertising herself as an unassuming horse trainer, also appears on the Florida Department of Corrections' site, which lists detailed information about convicts in the system.

Some of the women send in pictures that look like Sears studio specials, while others send in exotic, erotic fare.

Some of the bios are as spicy as an issue of , while others casually note their intense love of anal and oral sex.