Chemisrty dating

This scent manage to mesmerize everyone at the bus, both mens and women. It's my first time trying it just today and thank god I only sprayed twice.

One spray on the chest and another one on my left wrist then tap with my right wrist and then tap both wrist on my right and left neck.

She said it was her favourite, and I soon found myself purchasing the same fragrance the following week! On me, it lasts pretty long, probably 4-5 hours without reapplication, but the silage is very soft, unlike anything by Chanel or Dior. In my job I work with fragrances and this one has by far caught my attention more than any others! I would say it's very feminine, it's light but not too airy and it keeps you young no matter how old you are, so it's definitely any age appropriate. As if the airy flower quality then grows its roots in your skin and that's how I think that it smells light but still has the depth.The bottle is lovely as well, the little beige-y pink ribbon is a fitting color for this fragrance. No trabalho eu acho ele muito, muito perfeito, Ele tem o mesmo cheiro do começo ao fim, não consigo sentir e não pensar em uma mulher muito elegante e de bom gosto, simpática e amável. This is by far one of my favourite perfumes of all time!! Because of it's quality, longevity, and sillage, this one became one of my favorite perfumes.I was at a dinner party one day when my friend walked in, followed by a really pretty but soft scent. It's such a fresh, clean smell that lastes for ages! This is one of those perfumes that make you feel very special and dressed up.It smells really gorgeous and as far as I can recalled this perfume was never that beautiful when I sniffed it on the bottle like last time. I was scared if my skin chemistry couldn't match well with this perfume and I'm scared I wouldn't reach or achiece the same gorgeous effect scent like the lady I smelled at the restaurant.My facial reaction just calm even though actually my inner facial expression was like jaw dropping, excited out of this world and yelled CHLOE !!! But thank God, my oily skin match so well with this perfume and my chemistry turns out very well that when Im on my way home using the public transport bus. For those who said that this isn't long lasting or project really bad, I have to disagree.