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They take you out pretty far and there's a bunch of coral and lots of sea life to look at! There are other options that you have to pay for but we didn't look into it. From the beach, they have an organized - free - snorkeling where they take you pretty far out and you get to see some great reefs, smaller fish. That means snorkling gear with limited snorkling off the beach - they take you to some specific places to see cool stuff. There's a snorkling tour available but thats extra. The free snorkel trips are guided swims from the beach out 2-300 yards to the reef system. Its offered 3 times daily and takes about 45-50 minutes to complete. Barracuda, fish species, jelly fish, sea urchins, sea cucumber, blow fish, coral etc.

They offer guided snorkeling right off the beach of the resort. There is a reef right there and we saw lots of fish and a sting ray too. From the boat, fish are bigger, reefs are prettier. They outfit you with fins and a mask, along with a life vest (although he said you really didn't need the vest because of the bouyancy of the salt water). Hi, I'm retireing from the military, I'm a single female, and I want to come to Mo Bay, hopefully the Wild Orchid, and celebrate my retirement with a group of single, professional women.

(Around ) We snorkeled right off the beach and they provided all the snorkeling gear. A guy is on a Kayak and he leads the way and 21 people swim behind him and he takes you out and you swim around a reef.

It was really a lot of fun, we saw different kinds of fish and lots of shells.

Hi, Just got back from Wild Orchid Montego Bay last Saturday.

Snorkeling is offered at the resort and at certain time during the day.

Also, the preferred club pool & beach are not as nice as the main beach and pool at the Secrets Wild Orchid.The overall resort vibe was very quiet, we didn't hear any lively upbeat music that we were hoping to give a more Caribbean vibe.If you are looking for a very LOW KEY, quiet vacation this is it!I am looking at booking Secrets Wild Orchid for our honeymoon. Suite, but I don't see how I include the honeymoon package? Use the extra money for the Spa, which by the way they give you about 0 worth of coupons making all the spa treatments very cheap. They found that they paid more and got less than we did staying in the non preferred.They were not happy at all with the room service,and the fact that people from the nonpreferred were allowed to use the preferred facilities. Secrets resorts to not have clothing optional areas and do not encourage topless sun bathing, however if you are interested in a property that does, you may want to look into the Breezes resorts, as some of them do have clothing optional sections. i think you get a private butler who handle all of your requests but I'm not sure how much more it costs Definitely not!