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Madara specifically sagte girlfriend, and then went on to say Itachi killed the girlfriend along with the rest of the Uchiha clan during the massacre. why was Itachi dating someone with the same last name as his? I mean, I'm assuming Itachi's girlfriend was from a distant Uchiha branch family (perhaps a sixth oder seventh cousin oder some other distant relative... In traditional Japanese Culture--which is the setting of Naruto series--, there have been a tradition to married with their own clan member to keep the blood relation 'pure'. thats the big blunder of all..............sakura see itachi for the first time in Naruto shippuden.......that time itachi's massacre was a history....& sakura was angry at itachi bcz he hurt sasuke...do u it makes sakuraxitachi,....& they have a huge age gap..eheh ehe No, it was not a boyfriend. this is not the confurmed pic but till they find a name and a look for her this will have to do......when i think abt his love....i feel very tragic......its hard for itachi too....did say.....itachi cried with tears of blood........is that painful for him....bär all the blame & pain him self....the leaf & his brother.....is the real hero of the leaf............... From where exactly did Du got those information about Itachi's feelings toward his 'lover'?

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she is dead........she cant be those girl u guyzzz suggested.........guess is she is from uchiha........itachi only slaughtered uchiha Clan excluding sasuke on that night sooo she got to be an uchiha............ "oh, Du guys remember my seventh cousin/ wife, Cali." XD oder at least, Itachi, I'm hoping it was a distant relative (for the sake of the possible kids not coming out mentally challenged) and not a first cousin (who would produce Du 'der' retarded children). This condition is especially important for the Weiter clan leader, and according to Mikoto Uchiha, "Itachi was older than Sasuke, the elder son of the clan leader..that's why he will take the position from his father and watch over the clan in the future". The most plausible reason about this 'lover' thing, especially if Du mention how old Itachi is at that time, it was an 'arranged marriage' made Von his clan. so you're barely related Von blood at that point so the kids won't come out retarded), but still! Wouldn't that be kind of awkward at a family reunion? It's make sense, because Uchiha clan was the one of those which really traditional and strict about their status as the mightiest clan in Shinobi World.And Pein is with Konan...sorry I put him in though but its more of a teacher/student thing.2 Houses and rooms are full of perfumes, the shelves are crowded with perfumes, I breathe the fragrance myself and know it and like it, The distillation would intoxicate me also, but I shall not let it.Have you felt so proud to get at the meaning of poems?