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(John Mc Enroe, meanwhile, plays exactly to his reputation as Larry’s first limo passenger when he takes up Charlie’s shift, but, yeah, long story.) Also, Huss gets one of the season’s best zingers, locking eyes with Ted after drunkenly destroying his property and announcing, “Happy birthday, Becker.” If you ever wanted to see and hear Larry David moan in ecstasy, here’s your chance.Larry is so preoccupied with nearly reaching completion when a masseuse goes in for the big finish, he blows yet another big network meeting with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.But the coup de grâce of Victor freaking out amid a Revolutionary War reenactment is hard to watch, and a related story line concerning Larry’s beef with a country-club security man (hello, ’s “The Wig Master”) believes him to fancy the same sex, and a couple of WASP-y country club emissaries almost buy that he’s of shared stock.

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The closing moments of Yoshi’s dad speeding toward him in a motorized wheelchair screaming, “Bonzai!Not only is Aida aboard in this episode, but Wanda Sykes returns to make Larry’s life miserable (“I’m still at the same email: IHate Larry”) and steal his life-altering personal trainer (Cheyenne Jackson). ” was a somewhat forced reintroduction to the show’s colorful ensemble and signature crank antics, like Larry’s unsolicited opinions about lesbian weddings.It did, however, feature a gangbusters cameo from Carrie Brownstein as Larry’s constipated and insufferable personal assistant.Alas, Ted and Michael York are stuck debating the merits of Larry’s notions to conceive a dining area that’s part aristocratic quarters and part military mess hall.“Chet’s Shirt” can be tough to watch, since Larry is objectively in the wrong or inappropriate in every setup, e.g.